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Borrow £25k to £100k Within Days
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Small Loans, Big Service

If you need a property loan between £25k and £100k, you're in the right place. Lowry Nano is specialist loan product powered by multi-award-winning property finance lender, Lowry Capital. Our Nano Loan product is specifically for property investors and is designed for speed and simplicity. To get your small property loan, apply here.
Nano Loans are aimed specifically at property investors and property developers that need a short-term (up to 12 months) loan between £25k and £100k. If you need a larger sum, please click here.
We know that in the world of property, sometimes you need funds quickly to take advantage of an opportunity. Our systems are built for speed and many of our loans take less than 7 days.
Nano Loans are designed to be as flexible as possible. You can use a Nano Loan to buy property (including auction properties), renovate, refurbish or complete a project. If you need a loan, click here.

Recent Loans

Here are some examples of property projects we've funded recently. We work with property investors all over the UK on a variety of projects.

Borrow £25k to £100k Within Days